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Game Point Center - During the week

Game Point Center - During the week

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Game Point Center is the biggest Scape Room in Europe. a center of phisical and intelectual activity for all the publics, a unique entertaiment center where the visitors can pick 18 themed experiences. The different scape rooms are going to test the physical and intelectual habilities of the participants. During 60 minutes, you should solved all the proposed puzzles.

Room languages:

English, french, russiand, catalan and english.


To participate you need to build a team from 2 to 4 people


Night at the museum:
You are a security guard at a museum. This job seems a bit quiet! But it is not so easy when at night, Pharaoh Akhmenrah decides to animate the exhibition hall ...
Level: Medium.

Save the ship:
You go on a cruise! But you are far from imagining your boat beaten by the storm and the sinking that will follow. You are the only hope of all passengers.
Level: Medium.

The bank robbery:
It is risky! You know it ! But it's decided; you are going to rob a bank!
Level: Easy.

The fire department:
You went on a fire department tour, but you didn't know that you will have to save the entire city.
Level:  Hard

The hangover in Barcelona:
You know that yesterday was a fun night out. You just can not remember anything, ou wake up and find yourself in the back of the bar among empty bottles... You and your friends need to get out.
Level: Medium.

The book of secrets:
A book containing all the secrets of the British royal family. Be careful! All the information in this book can change the course of history ... The history of Britain is now in your hands!
Level: Medium.

The secrets of Egypt:
The centuries have passed, the pyramids of Egypt, the tomb of the pharaoh, remain. Today you have the opportunity to visit this tomb and try to solve the riddles of the pharaoh, after which you can free yourself.
Level: Difficult.

Through the looking glass:
A brilliant scientist is lost on the other side of the mirror, and he needs your help to solve this mystery.
Level: Medium.

For the children, we recomend:

Through the looking glass
The book of secrets