Dali Museum: Skip the line ticket + Transfer by bus from Barcelona

Dali Museum: Skip the line ticket + Transfer by bus from Barcelona

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Inaugurated in 1974, the Dalí Theatre-Museum was built upon the remains of the former Figueres theatre.

It contains the broadest range of works spanning the artistic career of Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), from his earliest artistic experiences and his surrealist creations down to the works of the last years of his life.

The different collections managed by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation include all kinds of works of art: painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving, installation, hologram, stereoscopy, photography, etc., up to a quantity of some 4,000 pieces. Of these, some 1,500 are on show in the Dalí Theatre-Museum Dalí of Figueres.

The Dalí Theatre-Museum of Figueres offers a unique experience of being able to observe, live and enjoy the work and thought of a genius. As Dalí himself explained: “It’s obvious that other worlds exist, that’s certain; but, as I’ve already said on many other occasions, these other worlds are inside ours, they reside in the earth and precisely at the centre of the dome of the Dalí Museum, which contains the new, unsuspected and hallucinatory world of Surrealism.”

The Dalí Theatre-Museum has to be seen as a whole, as the great work of Salvador Dalí, for everything in it was conceived and designed by the artist in order to offer visitors a real experience of getting inside his captivating and unique world.

What is included?

  • Skip the line entrance to the Dali Museum
  • Visit to the most outstanding works on exhibition
  • The name Dalí Theatre-Museum covers three differentiated museum spaces, The Theatre-Museum itself, The group of rooms resulting from the progressive enlargements of the Theatre-Museum and The gallery Dalí.
  • Two way transfer from Barcelona Bus Station to Figueres Bus Station (return travel on the same day)

How does it work?

  • Select the date you want to visit the Museum.
  • The bus departures at 8.30h from Barcelona Bus Station (Estacio del Nord)
  • The bus drive will take  about 3 hours and ends at Figueres Bus Station (6 minutes walk to Dali Museum)
  • Entrance time:  13:00 ;  in Summer season visit is combined combined with a guided tour, that is not available on Saturday and Sunday.
  • After your entrance you can stay as long as you want
  • Back to Barcelona the bus will departure at 14:35  and at 17.35. You will receive a voucher for the Dali Museum and a voucher for the Bus Transportation.

What is important to know?

  • When you miss the bus it is not possible to cancel the tour and to get a reimbursement. The tickets are non-refundable.
  • Lunch or drinks are not included


Gala-Salvador Dalí Square, 5
E-17600 Figueres

Entrance: Gala-Salvador Dalí Square, 5
Exit: Mª Àngels Vayreda Street

Closed on:

1 January and 25 December.
Every Monday between 1 October and 31 May, except on 7th, 14th and 21st April.
From 1 June to 30 September open every day.