Flamenco show in Palacio del Flamenco

Flamenco show in Palacio del Flamenco

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Palacio del Flamenco is a theatre located in Barcelona downtown. Holding a widely well-known reputation, it was reopened as a restaurant-theatre, after deep renovations, on December 2006. Since then it has become in a charming local purely dedicated to the art of flamenco.

It can hold up to 380 people seated comfortably for a delightful dinner while enjoying our wonderful flamenco show. In addition to the Auditorium Room, our venue has a welcome hall where the customers can enjoy our ¨Flamenco Experience¨, an interactive introduction to Flamenco. We also offer the possibility to reserve seats in the VIP zone or to reserve our entire theatre exclusively.

Palacio del Flamenco is currently offering three different shows with more than 15 artists performing on stage. "Cantaores" (singers), "Bailaores" (dancers), guitar players and other musicians create a mixture of flamenco styles from the traditional ones to new fusions. You will enjoy a show that is improved day by day, while also discover the most outstanding tastes and flavors from our high-quality kitchen. 

Finally, it has to be mentioned our team is highly qualified with the knowledge of different languages. Our goal is to create a cozy environment where our guests, both local and foreign, feel at home.


- The best pure flamenco and classical dance fusion show in Spain
- The biggest flamenco theatre in Barcelona
- 3 shows every day
- More than 15 artists in each show
- Absolute comfort for have dinner while enjoy the show
- Good stage visibility
- Safe and easily accessible location

Flamenco experience

In addition to our program and as a free gift to our customers, we offer an Introduction to Flamenco in our waiting room before the show starts. This introduction is called Flamenco Experience and consists of 30 minutes activity included with all kind of tickets. This activity is composed of 12 minutes of an audio-visual exhibition of the origins of flamenco and an express class of flamenco interacting with two English-speaking artists video about the history of flamenco and 12 minutes.

Flamenco sessions 

1st Session – Flamenco y Olé:   
Show & Drink: 18:30h.

2nd Session – Flamenco Gipsy
Show & Drink: 20:30h.

3rd Session   - Flamenco Pasión
Show & Drink: 22:30h.


Carrer de Balmes, 139, 08008 Barcelona, Spain